Director – Sales & Logistic

Ajith Mampully

He is a well reputed name within the fuel supply industry in UAE. He has been working in the Fuel supply Industry for more than 16 years in UAE, started with a position of delivery driver and with his top position as the Business Development Manager before joining NAS. He has helped many companies to establish and help them to grow immensely withing short period of time. In these extensive 16+ years that he has worked in entire UAE markets including ports and terminals. He may not have his generations working in this field, but he has gained enough experience by working on the ground and has earned lot of knowledge from industry experts during his previous employments.
Director – Banking & Finance

Nikhil Kanani, FCA

He is a seasoned Finance professional and proud holder of an Indian Chartered Accountant degree, who possesses the knowledge of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Banking and Marketing. He is expert in dealing with outside parties and presenting our company profile as well as the future plans of the company and how it will manage its working capital to strategically help the clients to get the fuel delivered without worrying much about their own cashflow.